Yiddish Dance Action Network

In 2007, a group of people, interested in Yiddish dance met in New York for a Yiddish Dance Research Symposium: “Defining Yiddish Dance: Secular, Sacred, Borrowed and Transformed” presented by the Center for Traditional Music and Dance and New York University’s Department of Performance Studies.  As a result of this meeting,  the Yiddish Dance Action Network was formed.  Initially, the group communicated within a Wiki, but as time went on, the communication method changed to group emails.  In December of 2014, the Wiki was disbanded due to lack of use.  This page summarizes the items that were included in the wiki.  For further information, contact Helen Winkler winklerh@hotmail.com

Purpose of the Yiddish Dance Action Network Wiki:

The Wiki was created by Ari Davidow, to allow Network members to share information on field research, documentation as well as help promote Yiddish Dance worldwide.

Minutes (courtesy of Judith Brin Ingber) of the initial meeting of the of the Yiddish Dance Action Network on December 10, 2007 can be provided upon request to group members.  Contact Helen Winkler winklerh@hotmail.com
Similarly, If group members would like copies of the internal discussions that took place within the Yiddishdance Action Network Wiki, please contact Helen Winkler winklerh@hotmail.com.

Ari Davidow's write-up of the Yiddish Research Symposium is online .
Ari has also posted pictures of that event on flickr.com. If you have pictures to add, upload them and use the tag "yiddance2007"

Here is the edited Press Release that you can distribute to different groups/publications/websites. (Helen Winkler)
The press release can be particularly useful to ask that people send in old home video with footage of Yiddish Dance.
zamPress Release final.rtf
Hebrew press release.doc

Here is a zamler announcement in Yiddish and English regarding the sher, translated by Seymour Shenkman
sher announcement zamler.rtf

Additional Documents and Links

Itzik Gottesman wrote this report about the Yiddish Dance Research Symposium in the Yiddish Forverts, of December 21, 2007:
Also from the Forward:
"To Dance or Not to Dance" an article about the  mezinke tanz
‘Hora’ History
 Dance Interview Forms posted by Helen, April 1, 2008   dance genral interview template.doc  Dance Description Template.doc

Ron Houston's Sher Bibliography  A more complete version of this can be found in the 2010 Folk Dance Problem Solver available from the Society of Folk Dance Historians

Interview with MT, MT's Sher, MT's Hora compiled by Helen Winkler

The  YIVO Encyclopedia contains a section about Dance, including sections about Traditional Dance, written by Zev Feldman and Theatrical Dance by Judith Brin Ingber.

More Yiddish Dance Links