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The following links provide additional information on yiddish dance:

Steve Weintraub's web site. We all know Steve as a wonderful instructor of Yiddish dance.
He teaches and choreographs Jewish dance, both traditional and contemporary.

Wrapping Their Feet Around the Music-Yiddish Dance at KlezKanada 2003

The Wholesale Klezmer Band web site--this web site contains information on dance.
Members of this klezmer band also teach Yiddish dance. 
Visit their wedding page to view the broiges tants in action.

This page searches the Mendele discussion group's archives.
There are a few postings about the Mezinke dance.
Perhaps other dance topics will be discussed in the future.

Jewish-Music mailing list. You can subscribe to the Jewish Music e-mail discussion group from the address below.
A variety of musicians and non-musicians participate in this discussion group. This group has led me to other resources.

Proceedings of the Yiddish Dance Symposium held Dec 9-10 2007 in New York
by Ari Davidow.
Archives of the Wiki of the Yiddish Dance Action Network

ChasenJah-The Jamaican Jewish Wedding
See this delightful Jamaican/Jewish music/dance experience.  Enjoy the music of Beyond the Pale.

Jewish Music and Dance as recorded in Yizkor books
compiled by Helen Winkler

Jewish Musicians in Moldavia by Itsik Svarts
(Part of Ari Davidow's Klezmer Shack--there are many other
interesting articles here at the Klezmer Shack including cd reviews)

A Short History of Klezmer Music, Life and times of notable klezmorim,
tips on conducting fieldwork, including Beregovski's questions
by the Klezmer Band Budowitz
See also above section in printed resources under

ROJINKES mit MANDELN (en Français) - descriptive information on klezmer music and dance

Swedish Klezmer Association (in Swedish) - Klezmer music and dance activities in Sweden

Der Bay resources on Yiddish Culture and Festival Listings

Historical Background Resources

Beyond the Pale-A Photo/Text exhibit explaining the history of Eastern European Jews
Follow the “Jews in the Russian Empire” thread for information on living conditions
during the 1800s and early 1900s.